The Conservative Constitutionalist News Hundreds of people are marching to protest Covid-19 lockdown & vaccination passports!

The Conservative Constitutionalist News Hundreds of people are marching to protest Covid-19 lockdown & vaccination passports!

Some People are protesting the Danish government’s actions of dealing with the Covid so the people are marching through the capital in a brave protest on Saturday. Unlike some of the other brave events, this week’s protest has remained peaceful and no one got arrested by the government. Thank god that the government did not overreach their own power to stop us the people from showing the truth! We must stand up like them! We must say no! We must show the truth to others! We must keep on going because this protest is showing that some of the government is giving in! Yes, we are doing good but we must keep on going to show the truth to others! The protest was made by the ‘Men in Black’ group, who are rightfully unhappy with Denmark’s government lockdown and the unlawful rollout of a bad system that will invade your right of privacy and then track if you take the vaccinations that are killing off people! In data, it shows that covid vaccination is 600% deadlier than the flu shot! The flu shot kills 2 people out of 1,000,000 people every month! The covid vaccination kills 12 people out of 1,000,000 people every month! So the world population is about 7,800,000,000 and if you give everyone a vaccine that is about 93,600 deaths every month! And that is about 1,123,200 deaths every year! Let’s do the math! So the world pop is 7,800,000,000 and divides it by 1,000,000 you will get 7,800! That is 1 out of 1,000,000 so you have to times it by 12 which will be 93,600 every month which makes it 12 out of 1,000,000! And then you times it by 12 for it being 1-year which will be 1,123,200 deaths per year! So you can see it is 1,123,200 out of 7,800,000,000 people will die by covid vaccines every year that is if everyone gets a covid vaccine! So you can see the data and see the math behind the covid vaccines’ death! Here is the website that shows more data and math about covid vaccine death!

So if you do the same math with the flu it will be 187,200 deaths every year by flu shot! So as you guys can see the covid shot is a lot deadlier than the flu shot! We must stop it before it’s too late! The big issue of certificates confirming people’s inoculation status is if you do not take the covid shot you will get denied basic services because the government wants to make everyone have no power for themselves and take away the people’s freedoms! This is because the government is trying to make everyone take the covid vaccines or get no basic serves in the name of covid! They are doing this to have more power for themselves! They want to control us, the people! The passports will be used for international, and internal travel and force the people of Denmark to take the covid vaccines and then the government can control us the people! We must stop them before it’s too late! WE MUST SHOW THE TRUTH TO THE PEOPLE BEFORE IT TOO LATE! Here is the video that shows “Hundreds protest against ‘vaccine passports’ in Copenhagen’’.

So as info wars put it “On Saturday night, hundreds of demonstrators walked through central Copenhagen in front of the parliament building, carrying torches and flares, chanting slogans, and playing music that included their unofficial anthem, a version of Italian partisan classic ‘Bella Ciao’. They also carried an effigy of Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen made to look like North Korean leader Kim Jong-un — but unlike the model of the PM seen two weeks ago, they didn’t burn it.`` This shows that it was a brave peaceful protest, and the people are learning the truth! So we must stand up and show the truth! So here a video that shows proof that “Scientist Predicts mRNA Vaccine Will Lead To Numerous Deaths Months After Injection”

“Professor Dolores Cahill explains how the “cytokine storm” is an antibody-dependent response of the human body and how that explains the increase in deaths after taking the coronavirus vaccine.” This shows why the covid vaccines are killing off people! We must show the truth! ‘The burning stunt that happened on January 23 caused much controversy, as on that occasion the effigy was wearing a sign stating that the prime minister deserved to be killed. Five people were arrested during that event. Men in Black allies distanced themselves from the action and lamented that it drew attention away from their core message.” so this shows that the government does not like the people that are not with them! We need to stop the government overreach before it’s too late! “The protesters accuse Frederiksen of imposing hasty and unnecessary restrictions and forcing people into taking the vaccine. Vaccination is not compulsory in Denmark, but opponents say it could as well be mandated if the alternative is to be excluded from all social life.” so like I say we need to stop them! We need to stand up and say no! We need to show the truth to the people before it’s too late!

Here are the websites I got this info from!